Musicians and the Law in Canada

4th Edition

Musicians and the Law in Canada is the definitive reference work for the Canadian music business. The fourth edition, authored by Paul Sanderson, was published in the year 2014.

This edition is more comprehensive and up to date than previous editions, the fourth edition includes contributions by numerous experts on the legalities of the music business.

Music Law Handbook For Canada Volume I

Paul Sanderson has published a new informative handbook “Music Law Handbook for Canada:  10 Essential Legal Articles” (Publisher:  Seraphim Editions).  It is a first of its kind publication in this field. 

The articles cover subjects such as musical copyrights, copyright registration in Canada, publishing, legal aspects of independent recordings, contract basics, trademarks – information that artists should have handy as a compact business resource guide.

Available through any bookstore in Canada, or online at and

Music Law Handbook For Canada Volume II

Understanding rights and obligations is fundamental in today’s music industry. 

Music Law Handbook for Canada: Volume Two covers numerous legal aspects including: key agreements in the music business, an overview of intellectual property law, a guide to licensing music, wills, production agreements and moral rights.


Artists’ Contracts: Agreements for Visual and Media Artists

Paul Sanderson is co-author of "Artists’ Contracts: Agreements for Visual and Media Artists", (CARFAC Ontario) an outstanding collection of contracts for visual and multi-media artists.

He was author of its predecessor "Model Agreements for Visual Artists" (CARO, 1982).

For more information on CARFAC, visit their website at

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